Tom Easterson-Bond

Artist Statement

Having been trained as both an Artist and an Architect, there as been a long pull from me to separate the two crafts.  Each had seemed a distinct activity that required the labeling, sorting and justification of the work into two separate piles.

Over the last year I have worked to abandon those distinctions and look at my projects as a single entity.   (Current Door Work). is an example of assembling Architectural objects, working to find a thread of connection.

I am in no way saying the Architecture work or building projects are Art (on the contrary).  What I am working to discover, are the connections between my buildings, and how an understanding of the built landscape and the materials of construction, can better inform my artwork and understanding of space, both in the object and on the page.


Sky City Cultural Center

Sky City Cultural Center


Sky City Cultural Center  Acoma Pueblo:  photo Jennifer Esperanza

I have included a photograph of our work at the Sky City Cultural Center at the Pueblo of Acoma.  For me, this represents my thinking on Architecture, a connection between the client, the building, the landscape and the community.