Tom Easterson-Bond

Artist Statement

Having been trained as both an Artist and an Architect, there as been a long pull from me to separate the two crafts.  Each had seemed a distinct activity that required the labeling, sorting and justification of the work into two separate piles.

Over the last year I have worked to abandon those distinctions and look at the material of the object and the space it occupies as a single idea.

My current door and steel plate work is an example of assembling these Architectural objects and their effects, working to find a threads of connection between the space and its material.


Sky City Cultural Center

Sky City Cultural Center


Sky City Cultural Center  Acoma Pueblo:  photo Jennifer Esperanza

I have included a photograph of our work at the Sky City Cultural Center at the Pueblo of Acoma.  For me, this represents my thinking on Architecture, a connection between the client, the building, the landscape and the community.